Track Your Goal Progress

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to see you are making steady progress toward reaching your big goal. GoalsOnTrack can track your goal progress automatically as you take action working on your goal. This article will show you how to set your goal metrics and always be on track.

Four Progress Tracking Options

For different types of goals, GoalsOnTrack gives you four different ways to measure your goal progress. You can track your progress by the number of completed tasks, the outcome from subgoals, the outcome from completed tasks, or manual updating progress yourself.

  1. By the number of completed tasks - The total progress will be calculated based on how many tasks you have completed on the goal. Incomplete tasks will not be counted as progress.
  2. By combined progress from sub-goals - The main goal's progress will be the total sum of all progress from its sub-goals. So to reach 100% on the main goal, all your sub-goals must be 100% completed.
  3. By task outcome - Similar to method #1, but instead of counting completed tasks, this method will add up all the outcome values from each completed task.
  4. By manual updating - You can manually update a goal's current progress without letting GoalsOnTrack to calculate it based on sub-goals or tasks.

Different methods of progress tracking suit different types of goals and will probably show different progress on the goal. Pick what most represents your ideal goal metrics. Though you can change the tracking method midway working through your goal, it's always better to decide on a fixed method before you take too much action.

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Complete Tasks to Make Progress

In GoalsOnTrack you will need to add and complete tasks to make any progress on the goal, unless you set the goal to use the manual tracking option. There are three ways to complete tasks. You can complete a task on:

  1. Dashboard page
  2. Goal details page
  3. Tasks page

If your goal's tracking method is by task outcome, when completing a task for that goal, you will be prompted to enter a value for that task outcome.

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Add Recurring Tasks

You can add recurring tasks for your goal if you need to do something repeatedly to make progress.

To add a recurring task, on the Task form click the More Options link and then click the Recurring tab to reveal the recurring options. First set the recurring frequency such as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Then you can further set which days of week or month to repeat the task.

Please note a recurring task will appear the same as any regular task on the Dashboard or Tasks page. If you change a recurring instance, such as by rescheduling or completing it, then a new task will be generated for the changes you have made. If you change the recurring options later, those changes won't affect the previously completed or changed recurring task instances.

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What's Next?

A well-defined action plan should include a clear and logical sub-goal and task structure, detailed notes on things like vision, purposes and resources, and also any helpful habits that may help you reach your goal. Next you may want to check out how to effectively track your progress toward your goal.

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