About GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack is a product of Vancouver IT Services, Inc., and the goal of this web site is to offer you a systematic approach towards personal productivity and goal achievement. We believe that there are certain principles in goal-setting practices and success psychology if integrated into a personal development system, will significantly increase our chance of achieving goals.

We try our best to incorporate the best goal achievement ideas into this software. By taking advantage of the features in this system, we truly believe that you will be a much more effective goal achiever.

Our History

GoalsOnTrack was started in around 2007, at a time when there were many good to-do list or GTD tools around, but not many for effectively organizing goals and tracking progress. We saw a need in this area and set out to create the product.

The first version was launched in early 2008, and we got quite some favourable feedback from the community, and also a lot of valuable suggestions. Based on this early input, we continued to improve the software and launched a newer version in 2009. Since then, we have been adding many new features and the product has become more and more stable and also more effective in helping people reach goals.

We started development work on the mobile versions of the software in 2011. Our goal is to create the most useful product for helping people organize and achieve their goals in business and life.

Founder - Harry Che

I was born and spent most of my early years in China. I have recently moved to Vancouver in Canada and now live in a small city called Langley.


I am always fascinated by computer-related technologies. My early interest in programming started with playing a very simple (but quite cleverly made) computer game, where you control a kitten to capture fish and spiders. It was a DOS game running on a PC AT computer, which I guess was probably the first version of a personal computer of many years ago.

Besides software development, I have a passion for learning about success philosophies and personal development ideas. I always wonder how we can facilitate personal growth and self-improvement through better use of technology. This somehow has led me to create GoalsOnTrack software.

I like reading, taking a long walk, and exercising in general. I love the outdoors and feel lucky to live close to beautiful Vancouver.

I believe everyone has great potential in life and it would be a shame if we don't develop ourselves and strive for success. I truly hope my effort on this web-site will improve your life and help you reach your goals.

Harry Che