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Without question, this is the most robust goal-setting program of the bunch. It allows you to record the goal, the purpose (in my terminology, key motivations), start date, end date, metrics, subgoals, habits, and action plans... I particularly like it because it allows you think plan hierarchically, which is how my brain works.
Michael Hyatt, leadership blogger at, public speaker, New York Times bestselling author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

I'm making tremendous progress, thank you. I'm loving Goals On Track! Of all these I've seen, yours is the best. It has great design and functionality without the bloat of some others. I'm impressed.
Stephen Guise, blogger at Personal Development's Deep End

Goals On Track is brilliant with its ability to be flexible. It is so simple and easy to re-order goals, change dates on tasks, put goals on the 'back burner' and edit tasks. The programme is very simple to use and when something crops up in life, like the flu, you don't have to delete everything and start again with your planning.
Heather Tucker, blogger at Cloggie Central

Hi Harry, I would like to give you some feedback on the software, since you asked in your previous email. It is simply genius. Your program is something I've been searching for for some time. I tried to use planhq to track and monitor my goals, but it is designed purely for business and does not track or measure personal goals.

I bought your program to test and immediately knew that it would be with me for a long time. Although I am extremely focused I never really found anything that could map the plan of my brain like this program. Although I love the goals page by far the most valuable to me is the habits function. To be able to track and monitor my yoga and exercise plans, for example, is really valuable and with a busy multidimensional life seeing clients, writing books, and keeping track of an international business, this program by far outweighs my expectations. It is such a great support for the new book I am writing.

I start my new group of clients in a couple of weeks and I will be recommending the program to support their transformation process.

A big thank you.

Warmest regards.
Sasha Allenby, Co-author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

I just started using the vision board feature of the Goals on Track and I love the feeling of watching the slide show of the pictures of my goals. It really motivates me to keep focused. The new ability to upload my own music sounds cool, although I do like the music that was included on the site. I'll have to experiment with some of these new features. I appreciate the continual improvements.

For me, one of the biggest challenges in meeting any goal, whether it be related to productivity, waking early, changing a habit, exercising, or just becoming happier, is finding the motivation to stick with it.
GoalsOnTrack allows me to monitor and track my goals related performance.This helps to keep me motivated and focussed!

I love this site! It has been about three days since I purchased goalsontrack, and I just want to say, I love it. For years I was trying to map out things via Excel and Entourage (Outlook for the Mac) but kept losing things and such. But your site is very clean, everything is in ONE place and it makes it easy to keep on target and on track. Thanks for such a great product.
Arik Gindes

I'm loving the program. I'm a pretty organized, structured guy, and have spent several years refining a few Excel spreadsheets I designed to track my projects, but while they kept my organized, their ability to inspire me didnt come close to what GoalsOnTrack has already done for me in a few short days. I should have made the switch years ago. And by the way, I tested 6 different goals software programs and feel yours tops them all! Thanks so much!
Scott Duchesneau

I could never keep my schedules or really wrap my mind around my goals until Goals on Track entered my life. I am breezing through some goals I have wanted to achieve for years. It is true that becoming organized in the planning of the things you want to accomplish makes all the difference in the world. I am feeling a daily sense of accomplishment now. Thank you for creating this program and continue to expand the capabilities of assisting us to meet our goals.
Marvie Wright

The application makes it easy to set SMART goals and forces you to define what the goal is, why it is important to you and how you will know when it is completed.

This simple, easy to use tool does a great job of allowing you to track your goals, visually chart your progress and see reports, create specific action plans, ... This tool costs money, yet I believe it's worth the investment if you want a full suite of highly effective goal tracking tools.

This is an excellent goal management tool for personal or professional use. I recommend it for anyone looking for an easy accessible way to track progress and manage time better. The various features and colorful design gives users a clear picture of their goal progress. Timer clocks, updated logs, a goal journal, and checklists let you know exactly what is needed to move forward in accomplishing your goals. GoalsOnTrack improves the way you approach an objective. It can greatly enhance productivity in your home office and life.
Ange Perdu, freelance writer, blogger, entrepreneur at

It just keeps your goals on track and unique goal tracking solution designed to assist you. It is simple to use with web 2.0 style goal setting , goal tracking, task and time management software that aids you accomplish any goals in life.

I really have found it easy to use and move things around. ... Overall, I think this is a great goals tracking service if you are looking for ways to get your New Year's resolutions to stick.
Jonathan, blogger, author at SimpleLifeHabits

Exquisite in presentation and feature. I am very happy with it. The vision board is my screen saver at all times , the layout is sophisticated I can't praise it enough.

I congratulate you on this fantastic creation!
Khristena De Sahntis, Owner at

Those who have problems self-organizing will take a liking to it.
Jonathan, blogger, author at

The first thing you'll notice about GoalsOnTrack is that it is very pleasing to the eye ... You actually WANT TO create goals and tasks because, well, it just looks fun! And it is, but deceptively so. Because underneath this nifty design is a souped-up engine of productivity.
DPK, WordPress developer, musician, at

Although I use EverNote and Mind Mapping software to initially organize my thoughts and form the goals, they don't help in creating an action plan, or managing your time effectively and monitoring your goals. is the only one software service I've found that comes close to comprehensively addressing my needs.
Khuram Malik, developer and computer expert at XS-PRO UK

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"This is a great service! I gave up on finding an online task manager that would map tasks to goals or projects. Then yesterday I stumbled across this! Great stuff." - Asif R.

"I am excited. It is a very good implementation of 'Getting Things Done'." - Andre C.

"Nice job. I like the clean look and feel and that it focuses on only what is important. Thanks." - Mitsu F.

"The most effective goal setting system in my opinion is one that gives you a place to write out a goal and then have sub-goals and then a list of action items that can be sorted according to date. With a feature like this you will be able to check off what was done and what is overdue. I found all of these features to be available in "GoalsonTrack" and it even warns you of the goals you've been slacking on..." - Afzar N.

"I'm really impressed with the Goal's Vision Board, it is really igniting...Thank you for each moment you spent to aid humanity to attain prosperity and abundance." - Abdullah

"... if you want to know my opinion, I can say that so far I haven't found a better PIM application, which would have several important items for me such as: tracking habits, the integration of goals, to-do list and calendar." - Micheal O.

"Let me first say that I really appreciate this tool. It is helping me to write down all my goals in one place where I can see them all at once and their associated tasks as opposed to being written to several pieces of paper." - Ame K.

"I really like what you guys have done, I have accomplished more things with a visual progress/process that really keeps me in line with what i decide to develop with my life. This software has had a profound statement in guiding me to accomplish Any Dream in my life!" - Kendol M.

"I am truly impassioned about your success as it is directly impacting mine." - Chris H.

"Nice product ... I truly think this goal tracker is going to help me move forward. I especially like the daily prompt of the progress/task e-mail." - Richard P.

"I love your site. It's such a great idea, and I think it's amazing that you've come up with a goal tracker tool to address an obvious deficit in the area of tracking goals." - Justin M

"your product is great... really like the interface, features and usability." - Rebecca M

"You have done a real nice job with the user interface presentation." - Patrick J.

"GoalsOnTrack is a really good site than many web sites as it reminds me every day and pushes me more than my boss." - Muhammad F.

"Really nice work... You must have done lots of good work there, congrats." - Jozef M.

"I will surely recommend your site to others" - Marc D.

"It's a pleasure working with this online goal tracker again." - Bert F.

"I am currently work with GoalsOnTrack on a daily basis. I like new GUI and the overall improvements of the software very much." - Andre C.

"Your site looks awesome." - Alan J.

"...really great job on it. I like how well it's been laid out..." - Kyle N.

"...comprehensive in its approach to managing tasks and tracking goals" - Joe L.

"I think your site is wonderful and will make much use of it in the coming year." - Nikia K.

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