Goal Templates

Goal setting templates and sample action plans.

Home & Family Goals

You need to set your goals for your family and household to give you a roadmap for your life. This roadmap, your family goals, gives you a direction for how to proceed in your family and home life. These templates can be adopted and converted directly into active goals and tasks for you to use in the program.

Buy a New Home

Buying a home can be challenging, confusing and exhilarating. You’ll have many things to consider and certainly many steps to go through before you can finally move into your ideal home.

Use this template as a sample guide for buying a new home, or perhaps for any major life purchases. You may add your own special steps or milestones as sub goals to make your home buying journey complete.

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Take a Family Vacation

Getting together has also never been harder given people’s increasingly busier lives and the rising cost of nearly every form of travel. Making sure that you make the most of your family get together is important. It all starts with just a little bit of upfront planning.

Use this template to create a plan for taking a family vacation.

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Spend more quality family time together

Spending time with family is one of the best ways to create memorable experiences. Nothing can replace the time you spend with your family. So while money can’t buy you happiness, spending time with the ones you love, is always a good investment!

Use this template to create a plan for spending more time together as a family.

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